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6/3/2017 dennis Madison always on time and finished when they say
5/27/2017 Mark Holtze We took our 2001 Saturn in to Ernie's Auto as it was due for a smog check. The problem was, life in Boulder Creek was a long wet winter, so the car set too long, outside in the rain, and well it wouldn't start. After jumping it and getting in for service, Chris told us it needed a new battery (no big surprise) and all the lights and gauges in the dash were not working. It was also no big surprise the car was not going to pass a smog check under this condition. Chris gave us some bad news that our smog check now was going to be over $900 bucks. We could have walked away and donated the car, but I really love this Saturn. Chris and the team at Ernie's really made my day by finding used parts ( there was no new parts for this car), getting the smog check to pass, and keeping the bill closer to $400! We were over joyed that Ernie's Auto was even able to do the work for so little, as they kept the car for almost 2 weeks, so I know they spent a lot of time looking for parts and making sure the job was done correctly and on budget...Thanks Ernie's Auto!
5/25/2017 Marlene Lundin A wonderful place to bring your car. Great service by professionals. I feel very comfortable with the friendly staff. The job is always done in time. Thank you all, Marlene Lundin
5/25/2017 Jack Williams excellent service. Always takes care of me
5/15/2017 Thomas Holthus service performed in a timely manner.
5/5/2017 Don Alves I was able to get a smog check time that was good for me. It was passed in 45 minutes and forwarded to the DMV. Thank you.
4/29/2017 Frances Cleveland They figured out what the problem was with my car which was different from what I thought it might be. They called me with an explanation, and then repaired the problem within an hour. Excellent!
4/28/2017 Nicole Morelli I really enjoy the personal attention and the valuable information that I learn from the knowledgeable staff. My cars and truck are always treated with respect and I appreciate all the professionals at this location. I have always relied on their abilities, and their wonderful expertise. Nicole
4/24/2017 Frankie Carey service!
4/23/2017 Ken Gorny Easy to make appointment, met by friendly staff, estimate for work in line with final billing, work done on time and in professional manner.
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