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Have your coolant checked and flushed routinely, according to manufacturers recommendations. Diesel engine coolant can become acidic and may cause damage to other parts of the engine.


Fuel Filters

Fuel filters should be replaced approximately every 10k-15k miles. Newer diesel engines may have two fuel filters which should be replaced at the same time for top results.


Air Filter

Protect your diesel engine by making sure the air filter remains clean and effective. It should be inspected and replaced as needed.


Oil Changes

Diesel oil becomes contaminated much quicker than standard oil in gasoline engines, so it is generally recommended to change your oil every 7,500 miles or at least once a year. Cleanliness of your vehicles oil and keeping the oil topped off are both very important factors in keeping your vehicle performing at its best. If you use it for towing or as a "workhorse" it is necessary to change the oil more often. It is always wise to check your owners manual for oil change recommendations.

Ernie's is here to help you ensure that your diesel vehicle will provide optimal performance for many years.