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Felton Lexus Service and Repair

Driving a Lexus is an experience that not all are able to have. If you are the proud owner of a Lexus vehicle in the Santa Cruz Mountains, you know what kind of looks you get from others out on the road. A Lexus commands attention, both for its great styling and impressive performance. Having your Lexus be out of commission and in need of repair is a frustrating experience, so come in to Ernie's Service Center right away for a fast and reliable repair job.

At Ernie's Service Center, we take pride in being the best in Felton at any different kind of Lexus repair. Our quality work starts with the experienced and professional staff that we employ. The technicians that will be working on your car have years of experience under their belts and are committed to getting your repair done both quickly and correctly. We don’t want you to have to drive back in to our shop anytime soon, so we ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Lexus owners all around the Santa Cruz Mountains area have been coming to our shop for years because of our great reputation. We have worked on all different Lexus models, including the IS, ES, RX, LX, CT, and more. You can be sure that no matter what the issue is with your Lexus, we will be able to perform the repair in a professional manner. Come by our shop today and you will be met with a smile and a helping hand. We aim to give you a fair and accurate estimate upfront, and will do everything possible to bring the job in on time and at budget. We hope to see you soon!