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Oil Change in Felton

Few things can be as worrying to a car owner as spotting an oil leak. Finding where the oil is leaking from is the first priority, getting an oil repair is the second, preventing future leaks is the third. Determining the exact place from which oil is leaking can be a time consumptive process. One can look at the oil pan gasket and a few other places that might be source, but finding the origin is not always guaranteed so easily. Even more worrisome, the cost of fixing the leak is entirely dependent on the part that needs to be repaired, meaning there might be a quick, easy fix or there might be a more costly and serious problem to be managed.

Ernie's Service Center has a depth and breadth of experience that allows us to be able to diagnose the problem and perform the oil repair with admirable efficiency, saving you time and money. Whether the leak can be fixed by the simply tightening  of a couple loose bolts or is the result of something requiring more attention like a cracked head gasket or a rear main seal leak, we know what to look for and how to fix it. Ask around: customers in Felton know, Ernie's Service Center is the place to go!

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