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On my way home from a funeral the other day I noticed my muffler making a ton of noise. Do not be misled by my use of a car part noun. "Muffler" is about the only part on a car I can name! I pulled into Ernie's and, even though they were busy, in less than 5 minutes they had my car on a lift and a mechanic noticed my heat shield was bent. He fixed it and I was on the road again NO CHARGE.....in 15 minutes all together. In this day and age, when it can be hard to trust business people, it is so gratifying to know there is a famiy run business you can trust!!! I LOVE ERNIE"S!!!


My wife and I have had our automotive needs taken care of at Ernie's for about 2 years. I feel very fortunate to have them so close to my house because they do terrific work and their customer service is the best I've ever encountered in over 30 years of having cars serviced. I appreciate the extra effort they make to call me when the work is done. I've never had to call them and ask "when can I pick up my car?" I recently had a problem with the steering in my Rav4 and thought I was up the proverbial creek. Ernie's diagnosed the problem in no time and charged me a few hundred dollars, when I was expecting to pay a few thousand dollars. Rates are reasonable, repairs are done in a timely and competent manner, and customer service is first rate. Highly recommended.


I have been taking my cars to Ernie's for around 20 years now and almost without exception have been very pleased by the service they offer there. Recently had heater core replaced in my Ford Ranger and alternator changed out in my Ford Escape and they did a good job at a reasonable charge. They really seem to know what they're doing and the mechanics there all have certifications up the yazoo!


Since moving to the area several years ago. I have come to know and trust Ernie's,for several different repairs. Originally recommended to me by a friend, It is now a no brainer when I need to make a call for repair service. This most recent was for a Master Cylinder replacement on my sons classic car. Like always the job was done in a very timely fashion,that left me plenty of time to manage my schedule,to pick it up. Their quality of workmanship always passes my inspections. ( until my back gave out,I did nearly all my own repairs). Whether your an experienced mechanic,or not. Ernie's is a place you can trust to be straight with you. Honest estimates,for both time and labor. Knowing how long things take keeps me from getting gouged on labor. I have never even had reason to question Ernie's. Very friendly honest and knowledgeable staff. No dunderheads at parts counter,like they have at the national chain stores. If your one of the many tourists that visit this area,and have the unfortunate luck of car trouble, Ernie's is a place you can feel very good about getting you back on the road.


Ugh after a nightmare flat tire stuation on Friday as I was leaving work I was dreading going to a tire shop the next day. I knew I'd end up getting screwed by some mechanic and be told I needed a new tire. Took my car into Ernie's and the guy patched my tire right there! He didn't try to sell me a new tire- he just said I should keep an eye on it and bring it back in I had any trouble. Hello! No sales pitch? No 'you need a new this and new that'? I love Ernie's! And I love that the shop is about 5 minutes from my folks too. Will be back!


2 weeks ago Ernie's Auto did an oil change on our car. 10 days after the oil change our car's oil light came on and suddenly stopped working (we had never had problems with our car until now). We called Ernie's and they picked us up, towed our car, and paid for a rental car. Not only did Ernie's fix our car's engine (defective oil filter caused our engine to overheat), but they even replaced a broken door handle (no charge). Ernie's didn't charge us a penny and even guaranteed our car for another 100K miles. I highly recommend Ernie's Auto. They will take care of you.

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