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Felton Smog Check

Carbon dioxide is known as a greenhouse gas that can cause harm damage to the environment when concentrated in high levels. Because vehicles emissions contribute significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, new laws now require the majority of cars on the road to be have smog checks at least once a year. Although there are a few exceptions, most vehicles qualify for annual inspection under this law.

Ernie's Service Center provides the Santa Cruz Mountain community with thorough emission tests including a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, revealing any causes for failure that may need to be addressed. We will provide the necessary papers to document your smog check, and if your car fails, we can help you move forward in identifying the ways in which we can repair your car to ensure compliance with the law.

Don't let your inspection expire! Since it's both harmful to the environment and illegal, expired inspections are something to be avoided-not to mention they're often quick and painless! To be sure that your vehicle is doing its part to keep the our air clean, and for annual smog checks, older vehicle emissions tests and any other periodic service or routine maintenance, come to Ernie's Service Center in Felton.

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